Dear me,

When you read this letter maybe you’r on basketball field getting rest after the game. Don’t get surprise it’s me (or you) ten years older from the future the one whose wrote this letter. I write this letter at office mini bar. Did you know that ten years later you will work at advertising ph? Weird question hah.

Because i’m the future version of you, i want to tell something so you can do things right. First, please remember every moment you did at past. Start to writing a diary and taking a pictures from every moment with friends, school, or family. Believe me that every moment is important and you need to capture every single time unless you will lost reflection from back than.

Second, please take a seriuos relationship. Don’t spent your time just to playing around with a boyfriend without a future target. Everytime you break up, you need to start again a new relation from the begining & it’s exhausting.

Third, don’t be affraid to have a new adventure. If you want to join MAPALA and become a adventure’s girl, just do it. If you want have a tatoo over your body, just do it. I know you will worry about money?! But don’t be, i know you will figure it out because you are a humble & nice person. You have many friends who will always helping you. Just remember to keep in touch with your friends & don’t worry too much.

I guess it’s enough from now. If you asking “am i regretting my future condition now?” I can make a state, I’M NOT!! I just want to make my life more colourful and have many story to tell to my kids, later.

Love from the future,

Dewi Indriyani


Penulis: weddewi

Pisces a bit sanguin. Gimme a buzz at sanguinme@gmail.com


      1. wahh ternyata ini ada ketentuannya gitu yah. mesti ke kita yang 10 tahun lalu dan nggak lebih dari 800 kata. yahhhh.. aku udah bikin tapi mengarang bebas gitu gak pake ketentuan hahaha -.-

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