Running Man Time

Do you know Korean variety show Running Man?!

Ohhhh i’m totally addicted with Running Man. I knew this show from my VIP’s friends. At the first time  i think little of this show. I thought this show would be the same as Indonesian variety show that full of script or direction. But i was wrong. When i was watching the first episode, my tummy almost got cramps because hoots of laughter.

This show is being hosted by Korean national MC, Lee Jae Suk and still airing until present at KBS TV. Cause i’m not customer of kabel tv, so i watch this show from shared file that my friend gave me. She has 130 episode of Running Man and I have been watching this show every night before sleep for a month..hahaha.

Running Man show is about mission game that every member has to run to win the game. Each player has a unique character and i’m in love with Haroro. He is a rapper with hoarse voice. He like wear beanie and big glasses that makes him look like Pororo, that’s why his name changed from Haha become Haroro.

This is my Haroro..LOL

The relationship between members not only in the film set, but also in real life. Since they have filmed Running Show for 3 years,theres is no wonder if their relation become close day by day. And Monday Couple is a ‘New It’ couple for this years…hehehe (Princes Harry and Kate Middelton is so last year lah yahhh..LOL.. just watch to prove my word!!)



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8 tanggapan untuk “Running Man Time”

  1. aku juga penggemar berat running man~!!!! kalo menurutku ini adl variety show yg paling koplakk, selalu bikin ngakak~!! hahahaa

    kalo km jatuh cinta sama haroro, kalo aku sama bang gary!! gelly gelly~~~ 😀

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