Hay there.

Become a part of creative division in production house, i have a chance to meet people who is work in creative field. After my graduation, i have concern about creative things. I am fascinated about that and fashion creative has become my passion.

In this blog, i had written about my dream to become a fashionpreneur and i’m in the process to aim. After all, meet up with a people who has involved in fashion industry will be advantages for me. Yesterday, i had a job to reporting press conference new product Yamaha motor, Fino I Love Indonesia. Yamaha collaborated with a fashion designer who has concern about Batik, Lenny Agustin. She is one off designer who has use batik in her creation. I had a chance to interview Lenny as my sources. She is really humble and nice person. Eventhough that was my first time to meeting her, but she was greeting personally.


Her design has inspired me to use batik or tradisional material in my future fashion bussiness. Hopefully it doesn’t take much time to make it happen. Since tagline ‘ I Love Indonesia’ has been spread world wide and local product become international, i wannabe part of it.


What did you do if you stuck in front off your laptop?! For me camwhoring is one of a best ways to break the boredness. Try it, and get your mood back!!!!! LOL

#Feel #Taste


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