Three Days Leave

Last week, i took three days permit office to joined fashion workshop by ‘Dinas Perindustrian dan Energi DKI Jakarta’ and Indonesia Fashion Week. I was lucky to get this opportunity since this workshop wasn’t for public. Honestly, I felt so timid, it was my firstime attended that kind of fashion workshop. All I know about fashion is just how to mix match and never awake about how to create a fashion. Me and other participant (mostly comes from fashion industry field) had training to make a trend fashion collection 2014. Kinda weird (for me) Its still 2013 but we have to make collection for next But that’s an industry, prediction is must.

bimtek lagi

I was fused with sixth great people (Titis, Mba Pipit, Mba Fitri, Bu Tinuk, Bu Fifi and Rizky) making a collection trend just in three days. Unless in fashion collage we need one semester creating collection trend. Lucky me to have their as a bunch, so it won’t get shameful to have amateur like me. hehehe. Our trend presentation moodboard worked well although the idea is to complicated. Since i come from advertising industry, i am quite familiar with a moodboard and how to make a detail. But seriously i have to learn simplfy my idea indeed.

bimtek 01-2
Fashion Moodboard
bimtek 01-3
Our pattern for trend 2014. Kind of tribal things.

On the last day, we learned what is creative think and how to run fashion business from a Deden Siswanto and Ali Charisma. Both of them have been running their fashion business more than ten years, asspecialy for Ali he has a business internationally. It is an honour to met them, though they are busy but still have a time to shared.

bimtek 01-5
Deden Siswanto
bimtek 02
Ali Charisma

I had a good time of workshop beside the material which is worthwhile, I met a superb people whose passionate in fashion and business. Mostly, they have carry out their own business eventhough is small industry. They are so friendly and I learned many things from their experience not only about fashion but life indeed. Hopefully I can meet up with them soon.

(Left-Right) : Bu Tinuk-Mba Fitri-Me-Bu Vivi-Mba Pipit-Rizky

bimtek 01-7

FYI there will be a talkshow about Collection Trend Fashion 2014 from IFW on saturday 16th May 2013 at Kelapa Gading Mall. More detail see this pic (too bad I can’t show up, I will have been working at the time)

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8 tanggapan untuk “Three Days Leave”

    1. yeaahhhh….kamu adalah orang ke seribu sekian yang memuju cape sayah..hahahaa. Makasih sayang.

      Aku sih bilangnya cape. Kalo dingin sangat berguna, tapi jgn sekali-kali pake naik angkot, panas bener,,,hehehe

      1. oowwhhh namanya cape yahh??

        ho’oh, baguss bgt lohhh!! sepertinya itu lebih cucok di pake di tempetku yg supern dingin ini. hahahahha 😀

      2. Aku belinya di online facebook, tapi lupa namanya apa. Pokoke yang jual fashion korea gitu deh. Kebetulan pas aku beli lagi ready stock, mungkin kalo koleksi sekarang mesti PO (kali..).

        Coba aja cari di Siapa tau aja masih ada tapi yah mesti shipping..hehe

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