Welcome May..

Today is an international labour day (May day). Just like happen in every years, Indonesia as specially roadways at Jakarta crowded with many labours. They are doing a mass demo to suing a prosperity. I am agree with their pretension, but dislike with the impact of a mass demo. Everytime it happen, traffic in Jakarta always stucked. We have to calculating the time and thinking the other way to reach our places. In my opinion, if you want to sue a prosperity, do it properly and don’t make other peoples assume with the impact. It’s really exhausting even May day hap in once a year, but you know Indonesian has many reasons to make a mass demo.

I have a good solution for a labours so that they can have a proper life. They have to change their job become an entrepreneur. C’mon you never heard news headline about ‘Mass demo by Bussiness man’ right?! I mean it.


This morning, i wake up earlier than usual. I realize that i so rarely posting about my own style, so i woke up early and and asked my brother to captured  some style. This style is insipred by  video ‘Lost In Manhattan’. The video was captured many places and peoples in Manhattan, that look whimsically sexy for me. The colour, graphics, text and music has hipnotized me to go there, someday. Lets get lost.

Welcome May-10manhattanWelcome May-3manhattan-4dasiWelcome May-2manhattan-3

Ps:  I got this newspaper shirt form flea market nearby my office just $3. Lady from flea market that’s me…hehehehe

#Feel #style


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