What a cool night | can’t wait for next BIGBANG concert \m/

Weekends Illustrated

Remember the time I declared my addiction to BIGBANG?

Last Saturday I went to 2PM‘s concert — they’re another Kpop male group — with my sisters and a friend who are also big fans of BIGBANG’s. (They’re in fact the ones who got me into BIGBANG from the first place! Gah..)

Not that we like 2PM. The only song of theirs that we knew were probably just “Again and Again” and “(P… P… P… Put Your) Hands Up“. So we basically went there as posers. LOL!

But we got free tickets and nothing to do on the weekend, so why not go to Ancol and hell put our ‘Hottest’* mask on and pretend that we’re no ‘VIPs’** GAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

So here we are standing on the tribune’s chair, enjoying 2PM’s awesome lighting show :p


So, what do I think about the concert?

Read on my Posterous blog…

Lihat pos aslinya 77 kata lagi


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