Must have item -White Blazer-

Today i feel happy coz to night i’ll attending launch new album of my favourite artis Raisha. Her single ‘Serba salah’ already had my theme song when i was broken heart..*shame of me.

                                                         What a pretty girl!!

Her launching album at lacodefin kemang 7pm. For those event i prefer to wear white blazer. This is one of my treasure fashion, and must have item for all girls *i think. Try out all the ideas that would grant you with the most spectacular appearance regardless of the style you are find of.

This is some tips, copypaste from here > maybe can stunning ur style

1. In order to create a more breezy summer look make sure you opt for the dress, and blazer combination. Those who would like to sport the latest print trends should opt for dresses that are decorated with polka dots, graphic elements as well as floral patterns. Besides the prints you can also find the best and voguish tones that complement your skin tone as well as overall appearance. White blazers look stunning when matched with the a colorful dress.

2. This way you’ll banish the paling effect and would crown your outfit with a patch of brightness in the shape of the dress. The summer Boho look can be further enriched with platforms or wedges, even flats as well as some of the must have accessories of the season as sunglasses and beach bags. Make sure the dress emphasizes your legs as well as height and the blazer will be as if tailored to your unique silhouette.

For more tips just clik here

And now mystylecovered with White Blazer…xoxo

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